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In the Beginning...

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...was the word. And that word was crow. For our startup ads, we were inspired by our friend Roger, the crow. Crowberry is a fruit that grows in arctic regions and we thought it would be excellent in a tea. We created the line of teas called Bohemian Naturals with emphasis on their new Crowberry flavor. This alluring and mysterious ad would be placed in our similarly fictitious trade magazine known as "The Botanist" for the scientifically and naturally minded. Not convinced we should end it there, we couldn't resist creating a skin cream designed to eliminate crow's feet. This product would call out to the renegade woman who owns her skin's natural design to age but to do so with style and grace.

White Feather

The United Way Project

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Given the honor to work with United Way of Marquette County in Michigan, we were tasked with specifically addressing the members of faculty, retirees, and student body of Northern Michigan University in 3 separate donation request letters to be sent via email. The goal was to include a heartwarming story and a picture that would register specifically to the demographic we were speaking to. For retirees, we tell the story of Bill, who dedicated his time to teach the student caretakers of the local senior center vegetable garden. For faculty, we tell the beautiful tale of Patty, who has a daughter and a disabled son. Patty was given a handicap-accessible home to accommodate the needs of her family after tragically losing her husband seven months prior. And finally, for the student body, we talk about Shawn, who was given a chance at redemption after being released from prison. Finding shelter at the community transitional housing, his story became one of success when he was given love without judgment in his community. This incited a drive to serve that very same community, develop meaningful relationships, and avoid substance use altogether. 

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The Christmas 2020 Project

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'Tis the season for Christmas shopping. 2020 was a year for the history books. We recognized that it might make it harder than ever for people to Christmas shop and it got our creative juices flowing. One thing 2020 did have going for it was the pressing need to do any shopping online more than ever before. Social Media ads became even more popular that year. We created relevant Christmas ads geared toward the people that would be most resistant to shop for extras. Kids and dogs will always be a draw for most people and we used one of each. For our child ad, we created Sweetheart Toys, our fictional online-only store and we hopped aboard the Cyber Monday sales trend. For our dog, Seraphim Wings is our fictional online store for all your shopping needs, in the vein of a Burlington or Nordstrom Rack. Our last of the 3 Christmas Ads, is for an actual service called Drizly that delivers alcoholic beverages right to your door. With 2020 having most of us stuck inside a lot, we thought we might be able to help lighten the mood and lift some "spirits", so to speak.

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(Spec Ads)
May is Mental Health Awareness Month

As the title suggests, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We at Cawpy That are close to the issue at hand and are fervent about the importance to bringing awareness. Too often, the surface paints a prettier picture and no one likes to talk about what lies beneath. Our spec ad was created to advertise for a fictional festival that would be held during the month of May, shedding light on a subject that is frequently kept in the shadows.

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Cawpy That Video Ad

The Cawpy That team will always be writers at heart but that has never stopped us from continuously stoking the creative flames that reside within our minds.  Our passion and commitment extends to all forms of art. This is evidenced in the work we create for our clients but our panache had to stem from somewhere. Sharing our creative process and the work we produce along the way brings us great joy.  An example of that can be seen here in our very first video advertisement. Enjoy.

Original Website Design KARENMAYERS.COM

HOME PAGE (39).png

Commissioned by a small-town Canadian artist to design a website showcasing her original art, karenmayers.com was born. Working in conjunction with the artist herself to design a site that not only incorporated but enhanced on her own ideas, a new logo was created. A Collections Page was added that would allow her to continue to post new pieces as she creates them. Perhaps the pièce de resistance of the entire website is the visually stunning Interiors Page that allows the user to experience first-hand what it's like to own a Karen Mayers original painting in a home similar to their own.

Tri-fold Brochure
Boundary Consignments

Boundary Consignment Tri-Fold_edited.jpg

Boundary Consignments is a consignment shop doing their part to reduce waste in this saturated world. This family-owned business started out as a recycler of baby clothes so we were tickled pink (and blue) when they asked for our help to create a tri-fold brochure they could hand out in their store.  They have since expanded into consignment for the whole family and we just knew that this brochure should boast of the variety that is within their beautiful and tastefully decorated showroom. Since their original color schemes were mostly blue and pink, we wanted to embrace their roots but help to give the overall aesthetic a more mature update so as not to exclude anyone in the family.

Website Update - 

Boundary Consignment Update.png

Not every project we take on will be challenging and complicated. Sometimes the projects are short and sweet. As they say in life, oftentimes it's the simple things that bring the greatest joy. Around the time we helped Boundary Consignments with their brochure, they asked for a few pictures to be added to their already existing website to show the public that they carry more than just baby items. Of course, we obliged but we did more than that. Much like we did for their brochures, we added some new elemental color-schemes that kept in line with the baby blues and pinks but more grown-up. We added two brand new pages - Family and Children's Consignment and we added a bit of copy to the already existing website copy. We made it a point to discuss the community events and holiday themes that Boundary Consignment frequently were involved in. And last but not least, we designed a new cute and friendly logo for their store. 

Marathon Participants

Jumping Fences Project, Part 1
(Producers of the San Francisco Marathon)

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For a few months in early 2021 - summer 2021, Cawpy That had the pleasure in partnering with Jumping Fences. They were well on their way to having their first in-person running event to be held September of 2021.  As we all can attest, 2020 had been a year of confusion and uncertainty for most everyone. By 2021, Jumping Fences was busy wading through the muddled waters of trying to put on a massive international and well-known event right in the midst of all this confusion. They put out the feelers for a wordsmith that could help ease the tension that everyone was experiencing while getting back to the races during a worldwide pandemic. We answered the call. It was truly an innovative and immersive experience working with Jumping Fences. Above is an example of some of the email and website copy we provided and below is some of the fun designs we brainstormed with the folks at Jumping Fences. Though not all of our designs made it to print, we are still pretty proud of our original designs and wouldn't change the experience we had for anything.

Marathon Participants

Jumping Fences Project, Part 2
(Producers of the San Francisco Marathon)

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