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Blurry Gradient

For someone who has not traversed the world much, especially not outside of my North American bubble, I have unique life experiences that help to make me an ideal “voice” for businesses from local family owned to bigger corporations.


A natural empath, I pride myself in my abilities to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to stop me sometimes.  My life experiences range from being a mother, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, a surrogate to a lovely couple from Brazil and a trained and licensed Ophthalmic Technician, many years of which were spent in Pediatrics. 


My most recent life path has taken me to Canada, where I reside with my wonderful Canadian husband and our youngest daughter.  The rest have “flown the coop” so to speak. While here, I began to teach English as a Second Language to people from all around the world, young and old, through the power of technology.  Having met and been an ear and a friend to so many different people from so many different cultures has helped put me in a unique position.  And now, I even get the opportunity to work with my best friend and extraordinarily talented brother. Together we are an unstoppable force, helping your business realize its visions through the power of prose.

About Darian


As a trained, professional photographer, I have taken the skills I have learned and incorporated that into my art. I often compliment my personal poetry with photography; I have done so for many years. Images and words make wonderful bedfellows, and these are the two main ways I interpret and express almost everything I experience. I use these same skills and experiences in my copywriting services to get you the perfect copy.


I have always had an affinity for helping people find the right words; especially as it pertains to the way people feel. Our goals, visions, dreams, and deepest longings need these words to help realize their full potential. I know all of mine do; it is innate and apparent in all of my personal endeavors.

I believe we all have a gift. It is so very important to nurture that gift, in order that we maximize its potential. And this dream of mine: to help other individuals and corporate entities express themselves in the most strong and beautiful ways. The written word is powerful, and the right written words even more so.

About Jason

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We both have autodidactic personalities, which means we are self-driven and will always pursue the best words for every arrangement. Our earliest memories include an adoration for the written word, inherited from a mother who taught us early on the value of good writing. Darian can still recall the aroma surrounding her while getting lost in the pages of a good book at the children’s library; Jason can still hear the musicality in the words of a Shakespearean sonnet as a teenager. These experiences set the precedence for a lifetime of love for language.

Creativity, promptness, and boldness are a few of our greatest combined strengths. We fully engage in our artistic endeavors, whatever the project may be: drawing, poetry, writing, photography, graphic design, etc. We realized that our individual artistic talents differ yet complement one another. Copywriting seemed like the perfect-fitting pair of shoes. One doesn’t work as well without the other.

We feel that if words are constructed in just the right order, they can evoke powerful emotions and responses within a reader; therefore, the right words matter. We are dedicated to producing the perfect copy for every client. Together we have learned to plan for and pursue our abilities, goals, and dreams.

Career prior to Copywriting:

Darian has years of experience with teaching and working with kids. If kids don't teach you to be creative and quick-witted while on your feet, we don't know what does.

Jason is a trained, professional photographer and graphic designer.


Not only are we wordsmiths but we are pretty good at having a "vision" in the overall design, if we do say so ourselves.

Ask about our design services for your project. We would love to help.

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